Financial Aid and Personal Finance Resources

Financial Aid

Big Future from College Board

  • Provides tools and information for understanding college costs and finding and applying for financial aid
  • Includes tools such as cost estimators, loan calculators, and scholarship searches


NASFAA State Financial Aid Programs

  • From the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators – primarily directed at administrators, but has lots of useful resources
  • Interactive state maps lets users explore financial aid opportunities in their state
  • Links to state-specific financial aid websites which themselves have ample information about schools, opportunities and taking that next step towards college

Scholarships by State

  • From
  • Basic overview of types of scholarships available
  • List of scholarship opportunities by state

Scholarship Search

  • From the US Department of Labor
  • Search for scholarships based on award type, level of study, place of residence or other parameters

Personal Finance

Better Money Habits

Hands on Banking

  • Courses designed to help you understand and take charge of your finances
  • Select your age group from the menu on the left of the page to get started

Khan Academy

  • Khan Academy also provides several videos related to finance on their website
  • Many videos go beyond what many people might be doing with their personal finances, but still provide a lot of useful and potentially interesting information about topics such as interest and debt, credit cards and loans, and taxes

My Money

  • US government website dedicated to teaching all Americans the basics of financial education
  • Provides information about earning, borrowing, saving, investing and spending responsibly
  • Also provides tools such as calculators, budgeting worksheets and checklists

Smart About Money