Technology Resources


Digital Commons Network – Computer Science

  • The BEPress Digital Commons Network is an open source institutional repository which makes the scholarly output of several universities and institutions freely available
  • subject area contains works from institutions
  • A tutorial on using the Digital Commons Network can be found here

Digital Public Library of America

  • Brings together free resources from America’s archives libraries, archives, and museums
  • Striving to contain the full breadth of human expression, this portal currently provides access to over 5,000,000 resources
  • Use the bookshelf tab or the search bar to navigate to the search interface or find resources on a particular topic

Directory of Open-Access Journals

  • “The aim of the DOAJ is to increase the visibility and ease of use of open access scientific and scholarly journals, thereby promoting their increased usage and impact”
  • Thousands of open access journals with full text articles
  • Particular subjects of interest covered include technology, computer science and more
  • Select browse to find journals in a specific subject or use the search bar to find all journals or articles relevant to your search

Google Scholar

  • “Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. From one place, you can search across many disciplines and sources: articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions, from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites. Google Scholar helps you find relevant work across the world of scholarly research.”
  • Since not all resources on Google Scholar are free, look for items that have a PDF link on the right hand side of the page, which indicate they are available for free immediate viewing

Internet Public Library – Science and Technology

  • “ipl2 is a public service organization and a learning/teaching environment”
  • “Merged collections of resources from the Internet Public Library (IPL) and the Librarians’ Internet Index (LII) websites”
  • Provides a variety of online resources including some access to full-text articles


American Association for Artificial Intelligence

  • AAAI is a non-profit society devoted to advancing the scientific understanding of the mechanisms underlying thought and intelligent behavior and their embodiment in machines
  • Explore various topics in artificial intelligence, access AI magazine and other publications, find out about professional development opportunities, and connect to other professionals

Association for Computing Machinery

  • An academic association which is the world’s largest scientific and educational computing society
  • Explore resources including publications, the digital library and learning center, a career center, special interest groups and more

Association of Information Technology Professionals

  • AITP is a professional association that focuses on information technology education for business professionals
  • Explore resources including publications, scholarships, a career center, special interest groups and more

Association for Women in Computing

  • Founded with an aim of providing opportunities for professional growth for women in computing through professional networking, continuing education, and mentoring

Computing Research Association

  • Association of over 200 North American academic departments of computer science, computer engineering, and related fields

IEEE Computer Society (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

  • Professional organization dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence

National Center for Women and Information Technology

  • “NCWIT works to correct the imbalance of gender diversity in technology and computing because gender diversity positively correlates with a larger workforce, better innovation, and increase business performance…”


  • Technology based trade association aimed at providing a leading voice in the Informatiopn and Communications Technology Industry
  • Explore resources related to policy & advocacy, meetings & events, and insights & reports

Usenix, the Advanced Computing Systems Association

  • Organization for practitioners, developers, and researchers of computer operating systems


NOTE: There are no fees for using or quoting from these works, but the authors do expect that credit be given to them and many feature quite a bit of third-party advertising

  • Free computer, mathematics and technical books and lecture notes

  • Lists free online computer science, engineering and programming books, textbooks, and lecture notes

  • Free eBooks and online books related to programming, computer science , software engineering, web design, mobile app development, networking, databases, information technology, AI, graphics and computer hardware

  • Lists free science ebooks, textbooks, lecture notes, monographs and other science related documents
  • Select “computer science” from the categories list on the left of the page to narrow your search down specifically to books related to computer science

Ethics for Information Technology Professionals

Code of Ethics (Association of Computing Machinery)

  • Code of ethics from the Association of Computing Machinery
  • ACM is a premier membership organization for computing professionals, aiming to deliver resources that advance computing as a science and a profession, enable professional development and promote policies and research that benefit society

Ethics in Computing

  • A list of links to the codes of ethics of various computing societies and organizations
  • Also provides information and editorials about how such codes of ethics impact the internet and computing professions

Programming Code of Ethics

  • A brief list of programming codes of ethics based on the code of ethics of the now defunct International Programmers Guild which nonetheless succinctly enumerates ethical practices for programmers

Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice

  • Code of Ethics for the IEEE

Government Websites

Chief Information Officers Council (CIO)

  • Website of the US Chief Information Officer and Federal CIO Council
  • Serves as a central resource for information of Federal information technology

  • Search or browse by topic to explore various US government websites and resources related to computer science

  • Leading resources for user experience best practices and guidelines, serving practitioners in the government and private sectors
  • Content manages by the Digital Communications Division of the US Department of Health and Human Services


Computer History Museum

  • Located in Mountain View, California, the Computer History Museum aims to preserve and present the artifacts and stories of the information age
  • Search the museum catalog, read museum publications or explore exhibits and collection online

The Turing Digital Archive

  • Archive of materials from Alan Turing, one of the founding scholars of the study of computer science and artificial intelligence
  • Includes over 3,000 images of letters, photographs, newspaper articles, and unpublished articles by or about Alan Turing
  • Created from the collection of papers held at the Archive Center at King’s College, Cambridge

Open Access Code and Software Repositories

Use these code repositories to access open source software, explore source code, collaborate with others on their projects, and host your own projects to share.


  • Use search bar to find open source code you can use and build upon

Source Forge

  • “Find, create, and publish open source software for free”


  • “Microsoft’s free open source project hosting site”
  • Create projects to share, collaborate with others on projects, and download open source software


  • “The web’s largest index of Linux, Unix and cross-platform software and mobile applications which are released under an open source license


  • “Provides open source infrastructure for hosting open source projects that use Git”
  • Allows project creators to share projects, track clone projects and provide feedback

Google Code

  • Browse developers, code and projects in a free collaborative development environment hosted by Google


  • Free open source project hosting site, home to hundreds of open source projects and thousands of open source enthusiasts
  • Powered by Intland’s codeBeamer software, run on Amazon’s cloud infrastructure, and leverages the Subversion, Git and Mercurial version control systems
  • Despite name, encourages developers to use any programming language


  • Software collaboration platform that provides bug tracking, code hosting using Bazaar, code reviews, Ubuntu package building and hosting and much more

News and Magazines

  • Blog focused on Windows administration and news
  • Articles cover Windows technology, reviews of useful admin tools, tips for daily work in Windows


  • Magazine aimed at serving chief information officers (CIOs) and other IT leaders
  • Provides technology and business leaders with insight and analysis on information technology trends


  • News, reviews and more geared towards anyone interested in Mac

PC Magazine

  • News, opinions, features, deals and how-to articles focused on PC computing

PC World

  • News, reviews and more geared at anyone interested in PCs

SD Times

  • News for software developers
  • Subscribe by email for regular newsletters or read articles on the website

Tech Dirt

  • Reports on technology and business news
  • Developed as a collaborative blogging effort in 1997

Tech Crunch

  • News website focused on information technology companies, ranging from start-ups to NASDAQ-100 firms


  • Web-presence of the popular Wired magazine
  • News site that hosts several blogs and posts articalse on

Quick Reference for Developers

Internetworking Technology Handbook – Cisco

  • Internetworking technology handbook is a wiki created by Cisco
  • Covers LAN Protocols, WAN Technologies, Bridging and Switching Basics, Routing Basics, Network Management Basics, and Open System Interconnection Protocols


  • The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team provides publications, alerts, and tips to improve cybersecurity
  • Publications cover technical issues, securing your computer, recovering from attack, distributable materials, as well as general security information

The Open Web App Security Project

  • A 501(c)(3) worldwide not-for-profit charitable organization focused on improving the security of software
  • This wiki strives to provide the information to make software security visible so that individuals and organizations can make informed decisions about software security risks

MSDN Library- Microsoft Developer Network

  • “an essential source of information for developers using Microsoft tools, products, technologies and services, includes how-to and reference documentation, sample code, technical articles”

The Linux Documentation Project

  • Access tutorials, long form guides, man pages, and FAQs for a wide variety of linux and opensource software projects


The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)

  • International body responsible for developing and maintaining internet standards and protocols


  • “OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) is a non-profit consortium that drives the development, convergence and adoption of open standards… industry consensus and produces worldwide standards for security, Cloud computing, SOA, Web services, the Smart Grid, electronic publishing, emergency management, and other areas”

RFC Database- RFC Editor

  • Technical specifications and policy documents produced by the Internet Engineering Task Force

  • “Online resource for self-paced e-learning programs that help to raise awareness of standards and conformity assessment activities”


  • World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is the organization that develops web standards

Web Directories

Academic Reference and Research Index

  • A search engine which only accesses websites previously selected by librarians, teachers and educational consortia
  • Create and maintained by Dr. Michael Bell, former chair of the Texas association of school librarians
  • WARNING: Features ads in search results. Avoid resources in boxes which say “Ads by Google”


  • Find resources using the search bar or browse in PhysSci, Engr, CS, & Math
  • Large virtual library of internet resources geared towards faculty, studentds and staff at the university level
  • Includes access to databases, electronic journals, ebooks, mailing lists, articles, directory of researchers, and more

WWW Virtual Library

  • The oldest catalogue of the web, started by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991
  • Run by volunteers who compile pages of key links for particular areas in which they are expert
  • Search using the search bar or browse use the subject area menu under “Computing and Computer Science