Veterinary Technician:
Data and Statistics


These resources can help you find valuable data and statistics on animal care and veterinary issues.


Veterinary Medical Database

  • Compiles the patient encounter data from North American veterinary medical colleges. Connected to the Canine Eye Registration Foundation, the Health Information Managers, Equine Eye Registration Foundation, and DNA Registration. Data available for a fee.

AVMA Market Research Statistics

  • Includes reports on veterinary compensation, veterinary practices, pet ownership, veterinary specialists

Animal Quantitative Trait Loci

  • Designed to house all publically available QTL and trait mapping data (i.e. trait and genome location association data; collectively called “QTL data” on this site) on livestock animal species. Part of the National Animal Genome Research Program.


  • A curated general-purpose repository that makes the data underlying scientific publications discoverable, freely reusable, and citable.